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New Resource for Middle & High School

The All New Launched Today!

Crisis often motivates us to get things done that we have been procrastinating. I am, however, excited to share that the student ministry has a new website.

While the goal of the website is to serve long term needs it will be primarily used in the short-term to engage our students during this current pandemic. As such, I want to point you to that specific part of the new website.

Virtual 180°

You will notice a resource on the main menu called Virtual 180°. This page will house resources specifically geared toward connecting with the students while we are scattered and cannot meet up in person. I am most excited about upcoming live streams and group video chats where I will be able to get feedback from them, answer their questions, and simply share time together in a virtual format. Parents are always invited to participate.

We are walking in new territory. Please know that I am working hard to create new-to-us strategies to continue to serve your students even in this strange time. Even this old Gator can learn a few new tricks 🙂

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